Lofty Logistics
Lofty logistics is a transport management system being developed by Shapeman. This software provide business solution to handle logistics, manage assets, track changes, manage financial records and optimizing assets to gain profit. The software is made to run on Windows and Mac OS.
Derma Cupid
Derma Cupid is a dating app for people with skin conditions. People can create accounts and message each other in real time. This app is being developed by Shapeman in co-ordination with Infagro Pvt. Ltd. The application is developed to run on Android and iOS
Hisa App
Hisa is a stock trading app being developed for Kenyan Wallstreet Company. This app consists of variety of features including live status of the stocks, discussion about a stock, news and podcasts integration of related channels. This app is developed to run on Android and iOS platform.
Rentiers is a real estate website to list or rent properties in Gurugram, Haryana. You can create your account and start browsing the exquisite locations in NCR region. The website is powered by Laravel framework and a user friendly admin panel